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Today, choice is more plentiful than ever. Even as healthcare practitioners embrace the technology advances and the research breakthroughs occurring in modern medicine, they are also turning with new interest to the alternative or natural, therapies from natural medicine.

Herbal Remedies are increasingly taking their place alongside modern forms of treatment treating hundreds of health problems, ranging from relative benign conditions to the most serious diseases. Research has produced extensive evidence of their benefits, even if those benefits sometimes defy scientific understanding.

In the circumstance where someone dear to you is suffering from diabetes, gout and high blood pressure, amongst other ailments, naturally you would only want nothing but the best to alleviate the discomfort that they are going through.

 The diabetic diet
Following a diabetic diet can be a challenge a first. Sanirose Orbeta, M.S., a registered dietician and nutritionist who counsels diabetic p...
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 If you have gestational diabetes
- Consult a registered dietitian for an appropriate meal plan for optimal blood glucose control. - Eat your meals and snacks at the dame ti...
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 Diabetes Control  No sugar added
With proper diet and exercise, pregnant women with gestational diabetes can have a problem-free delivery and a healthy baby. Just when yo...
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 Diabetes and Pregnancy
We all know that diabetes can have serious health impact upon sufferers as it is closely connected to high-blood pressure, hypertension, bli...
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 This prick may save you if you have diabetes
We are not talking about a shot. Were talking about a blood test. If you have diabetes, the key is blood sugar control. Your life can depen...
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 Outstanding Diabetes Reporting from The NY Times
Updated February 18, 2006 Marc Santora and N.R. Kleinfield are two reporters from The NY Times that need to get an award from the Surgeon G...
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 Why are There More Diabetes Cases in Children?
Diabetes is a lifelong battle against the ups and downs of the body's metabolism of sugar. And while it can be managed with medication an...
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