A cuppa a day could keep diabetes at bay

When you or someone you love is ill or suffering even from a minor ailments, you would want to know that you are making the best choice about treatment.

Today, Choice is more plentiful than ever. Even as healthcare practitioners embrace the technology advances and the research breakthroughs occurring in modern medicine. They are also turning with new interested to the alternative or natural, therapies from natural medicine.

Herbal Remedies are increasingly taking their place alongside modern forms of treatment, treating hundreds of health problems ranging from relative benign conditions to the most serious diseases. Research has produced extensive evidence of their benefits, even if those benefits sometimes defy scientific understanding.

In the circumstance where someone dear to you is suffering from diabetes, gout and high blood pressure, amongst other ailments, naturally you would only want nothing but the best to alleviate the discomfort that they are going through.

Our Product

Pure Herb Organic Tea is well known for its rich and aromatic taste thus making it an ideal drink for all occasions. It is special because it is devoid of strong pungent, sour and bitter flavours one normally gets, when drinking other types of tea. With its many beneficial health properties and wonderfully great taste, it is little wonder that Pure Herb Misai Kuching Organic Herbal Tea is slowly growing in popularity, acceptance and stature amongst tea connoisseurs.


I suffered from high blood and diabetes for about 10 years. After, trying many type of medicine and pills. The medicine do suppress my ailment, but I still feel tiring. Last year my son brought me this organic herbal tea and he told me this is good for my ailment. So I started to consume regularly. After 6 to 7 months. My medical report show improvement on high blood & diabetes. And my doctor also started to cut down my medicine.
Mdm Chew Pau Ching, aged 63
House Wife from USJ, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.
I found that I have join pain since I was age 23, and everytime I suffer the join pain strike mostly when I consume too much of alcoholic drinks(beer). Recently, This herbal tea was recommended by my colleague. After I started consume for a month and the join pain seems like doesn't strike me that often.
Ms Chu Shin Wei, aged 26
Marketing Executive from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
I used to have allergic to acidic drinks like tea & coffee. After consuming this organic herbal tea regularly for a year. I was happy to find that I can consume tea & coffee now, just like other people do.
Lim Thean Seng, aged 62
Admin Clerk from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
I came to know Misai Kuching only after I have read a health book. I went on to try this herbal tea. After 2 weeks, I saw a miracle result. I can walk now after many years of suffering from gout and my high blood pressure has been reduced gradually too.
Mr. Fung Tian Lai, aged 52
Sundry Shop Owner from Sungei Way, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I have always had breathing problem, rheumatism and a sufferer of gout. I do have piles and gastric quite frequently. Ever since I drank Misai Kuching, my piles have disappeared. Surprisingly my gastric, rheumatism and gout have gone gradually too. My breathing problem had reduced. This made me a healthier person.
Mr. Lau, aged 38
car spray painter from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
I used to suffer from kidney stones, gout, minor stroke and high cholesterol level. I went through lots of medication treatment such as acupuncture but it only temporary. Then, my friend recommended me to drink Misai Kuching. After 2 weeks, I can see the result. My gout has gradually disappeared and I do not need to go for laser therapy anymore. Since then, I started to drink 6 glasses of this herbal tea a day and have urged my family to do so.
Mrs. Loh, aged 45
housewife from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
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