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Our customers who drink our tea show significant results in managing ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and gout.​

Our tea in its natural state is rich in antioxidants and can assist in the prevention of many undesirable medical conditions. According to studies conducted in South East Asia, it has been shown to aid in health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and other ailments.​

Our government has done clinical trials on Misai Kuching to verify the efficacy of traditional herbal medicine. There is no history of causing side effect​

The tea was introduced to the Malaysian market in 1998, and to the global market in 2002.​

Yes. The tea is compatible with all existing medications. Anyone who consumes it will not run into complications while taking the medicines prescribed by the doctors. In fact, we recommend you to continue taking your medication along with Pure Herb herbal tea until your blood sugar levels begin to drop. At that point, you might choose to begin reducing your medication. Your doctor will be your best guide for this procedure.​

Yes, although most of our customers are of the Type II group, others who belong to Type I group report very good results too.

Pure Herb Organic Herbal Tea is processed from Misai Kuching (Othosiphon Stamineus) leaves. The benefits of Misai Kuching are researched extensively in America, Asia and Europe. The results showed many positive effects towards managing ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and gout.​

It is rich in taste and aromatic without the usual sour and bitter tastes of other types of tea.​

We recommend that you drink it daily for duration of almost three months in order to experience the changes. You will probably begin to notice a difference within the first week of consumption. One repeated user reported that after nine months of consumption, his weight and glucose levels were substantially reduced.

Both adult and children irrespective of age group can consume pure Herb Herbal Tea on a daily basis.​

Yes, by drinking our tea regularly, it will be able to cleanse away the excessive acids and toxic from the body and it helps in the prevention of many undesirable medical conditions. Our tea plants are plantation-grown “The Organic Way” without the use of chemical fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide, and is hygienically processed.​

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Payment can be made via bank transfer. After you have received the invoice from us, please remit the amount due to our local bank account stated below and fax us the receipt as proof of payment. Upon approval of the remittance, the products will be sent.

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Please note: We guarantee to charge the exact amount quoted in Ringgit Malaysia but due to the nature of the international currency exchange, prices may vary according to your country’s currency.

Our appointed courier service in Malaysia is Pos Laju.

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