Pure Herb Organic herbal tea


In recent years, more people have come to realise the many medicinal values associated with the drinking of tea. One such tea that is rich in goodness and has been used for generations is Misai Kuching herbal tea, scientifically known as Orthosiphon Stamineus. To the discerning health conscious tea drinkers, the concoction of Pure Herb Herbal Tea proves to be a better alternative to other types of tea since it does not contain caffeine, artificial colouring, additives and preservatives. In addition to that, the tea-leaves are organically planted in a plantation where the use of chemical fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide are strictly forbidden throughout the planting processes of the tea plants until the picking of leaves.  The tea-leaves are then, processed under a stringent hygiene control in conforming to the Good Manufacturing Packing (GMP) standard.


Over the years, numerous studies undertaken extensively by experts in the Asian region have shown Misai Kuching to assist and complement well in the conventional treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and other ailments by medical doctors. However it is a mistake to fall under the wrong impression that this type of tea can only be taken by the sufferers or patients of the aforementioned afflictions. It can also be taken as a preventive agent to ward off the ailments.  Apart from that, Misai Kuching can be consumed to detoxify excessive acids and hazardous toxics that are constantly accumulated, from our body system. As it is an herbal drink and a natural beverage, people of all age groups can safely consume Pure Herb Organic Herbal Tea on a daily basis without having to worry about experiencing side effects.

Pure Herb Organic Tea is well known for its rich and aromatic taste thus making it an ideal drink for all occasions. It is special because it is devoid of strong pungent, sour and bitter flavours one normally gets, when drinking other types of tea. With its many beneficial health properties and wonderfully great taste, it is little wonder that Pure Herb Misai Kuching Organic Herbal Tea is slowly growing in popularity, acceptance and stature amongst tea connoisseurs.

The benefits

Misai Kuching is one of the few plants that is rich in helpful nutrients. The tea is processed from the leaves freshly picked from the organically grown plants. The leaves are usually left to dry for days under the hot sun.

To the uninformed, it is hard to imagine that with every sip of Pure Herb Organic Herbal Tea, are substances which help to bolster our defense system to ward off chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, kidney related problems and many other ailments. Apart from that, the tea is especially useful in the treatment of urinary problem as well. Consume 3 cups a day spanning over a period of 3 weeks will increase the concentration of flavonoids in our body.

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